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How to better optimize your product information with the help of a PIM ?

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Omnichannelity has accelerated in recent years and is becoming a major challenge for companies. New consumption methods are leading to demands on the user experience from consumers. Accelerating time to market and making it competitive to stand out, offering optimal digital experiences and boosting online sales are all objectives that require reliable and centralized data.

THE PIM for a successful digital transformation 

PIM (Product Information Management) is a solution that allows you to centralize all your product data for better management and simplified digital distribution. From a single location, you can collect, enrich or modify information about your offers: 

Marketing data (description, storytelling, categories, collections…)
Characteristics (SKU, EAN, color, dimensions, weight, technical information…)
Media and assets (Photos, videos, labels, certifications…)

The PIM is a collaborative tool adapted to all sizes of companies and for all sectors of activity. It allows to fluidify the exchanges between the various services and to accelerate the setting on line of its offers, to diffuse them in a simple and fast way on various numerical channels: sites retailers, e-commerce, marketplaces, social networks…


Guarantees homogeneous information to users

Sharing quality information about your products is critical to providing consistency and ensuring your trading partners have immediate access to the most current and comprehensive information necessary for a successful omnichannel strategy. Your offers may be visible on many touch points, it is important that your prospects have the same level of information about their features. A PIM allows you to centralize all this data and distribute it to all your digital channels.

Develops omnichannel business

A new range, a new collection, a special event… with a PIM you can create personalized catalogs in record time adapted to the specificities of your digital channels: some marketplaces require specific formats, text limits etc… A PIM will also facilitate your international development with the creation of product sheets adapted to the country of distribution: language, tax, currency etc…

Accelerates time to market 

With a PIM, importing and exporting your products is quick and easy. You centralize all your information to engage your buyers on your digital media, you allow your teams to make updates, create good content and distribute them at the right time with ease. It is very quick to modify the characteristics of an offer and to distribute these updates instantly on all your distribution media.

Increases additional sales 

The PIM allows you to generate cross-selling and boost your sales. Categorize all your products by range, attribute, universe, season, event or type… During the user journey, you can define complementary products to propose additional offers. Product recommendations and relevant offers increase your average shopping cart and boost your sales.

Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Creating product sheets from a PIM improves your search engine optimization and impacts the user experience by optimizing your related media. A better referencing highlights your products, it is an excellent lever to differentiate yourself and increase your online sales.

Facilitates the exchange of information between teams 

The organization and collaboration of teams are simplified and fluid with a centralized data tool. All your teams have the same information, in the same place and at any time, regardless of different time zones. With this tool, working efficiently in teams and remotely is possible. No need to exchange dozens of documents to obtain or enter new information. Everything is located in the PIM, which can also convert excel or csv files into product sheets to save you time.

The PIM is therefore an essential tool for developing your e-commerce business, making exchanges between different teams more reliable (allowing you to automate processes and internal reporting) and offering an optimized user experience. With the help of a PIM your teams waste less time on time-consuming tasks and spend more time on value-added tasks. The Sinfin™ platform brings you this brick of expertise and supports you in your digital transformation quickly, efficiently and with ease. Keep up with the constant and growing market demand for data. Adopt an omnichannel and globally scalable solution and achieve the right balance between autonomy and coordination within your ecosystem.


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